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treeShield® - Your Storm Recovery Solution

treeShieldtreeShield is subject to availability. Contact your local office for availability and pricing.

Tree damage due to weather events can be sudden and costly. One heavy storm with strong winds can tear through your yard and cause significant damage to your trees. Trees can lose branches or even become completely uprooted. This damage can cause an immediate need to spend thousands of dollars of tree removal and cleanup.

Our goal is to help you keep your trees healthy and strong through professional care and maintenance. As a component of these services, we’ve created a warranty program that helps minimize costs and saves you money if your trees are damaged by storms. treeShield® is a comprehensive limited warranty service from The Care of Trees that covers not only the costs you would incur to clean up after a storm, but also many of the services needed to repair storm-damaged trees.

Benefits of treeShield®

  • Avoid or minimize expensive clean up and restoration costs following a storm.
  • Peace of mind and security knowing that your storm-damaged trees are getting the best care possible.
  • Annual inspections of the large trees on your property.

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